10 things you can gift as a Secret Santa at work!

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Indian workplaces aren’t just about a professional workspace but a lot more emotional and friendly bonding among the employees. Festivals are a prime reason for people in a workplace to come together and celebrate. Celebrating festivals in a workplace are all about mutual bonding and ample amount of fun, irrespective of the festival being celebrated.

December is the most awaited month of the year because it brings with it Christmas and New Year. The month of December brings with the joy of gifts, a fresh start and of course, the much awaited New year and Christmas Parties.

offices all around the world are known to celebrate Christmas with a special game known as Secret Santa. What is Secret Santa you might ask,  Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which members of a colleagues are randomly assigned a fellow colleague to whom they give a gift. The identity of the gift giver is a secret not to be revealed.

The craze of becoming a Secret Santa to someone, gifting them presents and waiting if the one guesses you right is fun to play and is encouraged by workplaces to increase bonding. However, most of the time you just don’t understand what should be bought, especially when you don’t know much about the person’s likings. So coming to your rescue are 10 ideas that you can gift as a Secret Santa to make this Christmas a memorable one for someone.


1) Essentials at workplace– Essentials like a coffee mug, or a customized pen holder could be the right gift for the someone to place it on his/her desk. Add a personal touch to these mugs by getting their names printed on the mugs.


2) Photo Frame– A beautiful photo frame with a photo of the team can be a truly meaningful gift for someone to cherish.



3) Bean Bag– A bean bag at workplace is the best stress buster ever, and gifting it as a secret Santa to your colleague (with a prior permission from the boss, of course) will make the right essential for him/her.


4) Surprise box– Surprise boxes with sweet treats like cupcakes or muffins could be a cute gift for someone who loves food and sweets. These sweet treats will surely bring a smile to their faces.



5) Letters and messages– Thanksgiving messages reminding them of how much their presence matters to you could make the one really happy and it’s double the fun for him/her to guess who’s his/her secret Santa.  Pro Tip- get them an engraved message to make it a memorable momento.


6) Bookmark– A bookmark would just be the thing for a book lover. We suggest you get them a gift card to a bookstore, nothing pleases a book lover like buying books.


7) Snack box– A box containing nuts and dry-fruits would make an essential as well as healthy gift for the one who prefers munching while working.


8) Pottery– A subtle ascent flower pot for the green thumb amongst you would keep him happy with a little greenery growing around his/her desk.



9) Beard comb– For the one racing with Santa Claus for keeping his beard in condition and in shape. This would make  a perfect gift for someone who is still not shaving after no shave November is long over.


10) Phone Cover all the way-Well who doesn’t love a good phone cover? This could make the perfect gift for someone and you can go any route you want with something subtle to something all out quirky.



So be the best Secret Santa by gifting cool, affordable and quality gifts for your colleague and hope if the one guesses you right!


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