5 Fun Winter Activities For Kids!!!

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New Year- A fresh start! So how about a new resolution to do 5 unique fun things with your kids every season of the year i.e Winter, Summer & Rainy. Starting with the first season of the year- Winter! So what unique/interesting can you do this winter to make it a memorable one?


Winter is the best time for reviving the adventurer in you and going outdoors for trekking expeditions, overnight camping and stargazing. Such activities would develop family bonding and also create real good memories for your child to remember.

Various travel agencies provide trekking and camping plans that are economically cheap and safe as they provide professionals who are trained to assist in those conditions & terrain. We can always go for short vacations over the weekends, to places on the outskirts of the city.


Cooking something in the kitchen is an all time fascination for every kid. Encourage this fascination of theirs by involving them while you cook in the kitchen.

For example,Bake a cake and then entrust the decorating and icing job to your kid. This will put his/her creativity into action and develop a feeling of satisfaction and achievement in the minds of the kids.


Involve your kid in some hands on crafting and DIY projects which are simple and easy to make and that can be handy to use.

Making candles inside clay moulds of different shapes and sizes would make a fine collection for your kid. Turn your house in a winter themed wonderland displaying all the handicrafts made by your kid along with fairy lights to enhance the winter feel.


Enroll your kid to participate in various winter sports workshops. Winter marathons are the buzzing sporting events which would give the child a very new and unique experience.

Skating is also a trending sport which starts its training season in winter and goes about 4 months for the basic level. Skating is a beautiful sport for your kid to learn and develop it as a hobby.


Get your kid a book series of his favorite genre every week.

Join a membership at a local old library which would open access to ancient literature, a different and unique kind of read for your kid.

Winter hosts the ‘Buy Books by Kilos’ sale which would get your hands on rare, unknown classics as well as interesting books by new authors.


Thus, by taking up few of these fun learning winter activities for your little one you will not only engage him/her in something worth learning but also make his every season alot more memorable. So live upto the resolution of making every season of the year count.

Stay Tuned for the next two sequels of this blog i.e.the Summer and Rainy season edition.

Feedback with such many more ideas in the comments section below.

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