Building From Scratch- Straw Tower!!!

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Building straw bridges is a fun way to strengthen kids’ science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills. With just a few simple supplies, they can design a load bearing bridge just like the ones they drive across in cars!


•Drinking Straws
•Yard Stick (Optional)

Set Up:

Setting up this challenge is simple! All you need is a set number of straws per child and some tape. You can use milkshake straws or regular straws, but the outcome will be different. What a great comparison, though!

    • After presenting the challenge to your children, allow each of them to connect their straws in a design they think will make the tallest tower. For younger children, you might have to help them set up the corners.
    • Allow them to experiment and decide how to build the tallest tower which wouldn’t tumble.
    • Remember, you can only use 10 straws for this challenge! Next time you can try more or different straws.

Making Observations and Noticing Differences

Now for the fun part! How tall of a tower did you make? Using the yard stick, measure the tower and then compare them to other people doing the same challenge.This project was a lot of fun, and was great for comparing, problem solving, and engineering principles. What I love most about this project is that the boys were automatically thinking of all the ways they could change the challenge and do it again.

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