School programs provide innovative and exciting science activities for participants. Our aim is to encourage and engage children with the wonder of science through hands-on science investigations and demonstrations.

Curriculum Based Programs

  • Curriculum Based Robotics

    Participants learn the concepts using activities involving Robotics. This academic program helps to build problem solving skills and also to comprehend the concept better. This thus inculcates logical and analytical thinking abilities that results in better learning outcomes.

    Learning -> Building -> Experience -> Enhanced learning.

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  • Curriculum Based Science Workshops

    ScienceUtsav is proud to offer the in-house developed product which has evolved continuously over the last 4 years; Curriculum based Programs. The offering complements the lesson plan for all syllabi and goes hand in hand with the topics covered in schools. The topics that are covered in the class are discussed, examined and explored by participants using hands-on activities and research ideas.
    Worksheets, concept maps, observations and experimentations make this offering a very effective tool to complement classroom learning.

Club Activities

  • Science Fun Club

    Innovative workshops and take home models for participants helps them explore and research on topics like Exciting energies, Chemical mania, Abstract science, etc.  This offering reinforces the science concepts and is appropriate for participants from grade 3 to grade 8. The spectacular demonstrations and real world discussions help in finding the answers to queries in a fun-filled and interactive way.

  • Kiddo Engineering

    This is a combination of mechanics and electronics with multiple offerings for kids to think and recycle materials, to invent gadgets which help to complete simple tasks. The projects are fun, educational, and focus on science and engineering practice.

  • Discovery Saturday

    Discover something new every alternate Saturday.

  • Puzzle Club

    Fun puzzles developed by experts to challenge the intellect of kids. Delighting experience with metal puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, rubix cubes, crosswords, coded messages, etc.

  • Skillskool

    Learn the tricks of using everyday tools like spanner, drill machine, screwdriver, pliers, wrench and tongs with safety equipments to build a working model.

  • Robotics

    Hands-on robotics training right from scratch for students to enjoy the joys of programming and building their own robot.

Entire event was very professionally handled and the activities done in each class was very creative & interesting.
Sikta Mohapatra, Parent on Facebook


  • Science Shows

    The science show is a fast paced array of experiments that the host exhibits. Kids are engaged for around 60-75 minutes with a lot of discussions and questions on the science trick.

  • Science Studios

    Science games and life sized models which invokes curiosity among kids!

  • Science Arena

    Games and video games based on science concepts for participants; learning joints playing. Some games like laser maze, Airzooka and crossbow are used extensively to make science concepts easy to learn and exciting.

  • Science Exhibitions

    The science exhibitions have amazing science experiments for the participants to enjoy. Unique life- sized working models and exciting experiments make the exhibitions a memorable one. The exhibitions, which help balance learning and fun, are interactive and hands-on, adapt to different age groups, are hosted by trained, reliable, and dynamic instructors and are loved by children.

  • Experiment Tables

    Fabulous in house experiment ideas for events and exhibitions.

Holiday Programs

Vacation programs like Summer camps, Diwali workshops and Christmas camps give kids the opportunity to learn about science through our interactive and hands-on science activities. Our summer science programs let children become junior scientists for the summer and embark on a series of science adventures. Some of the offerings in holidays include:

  • Eureka !

    Suitable to 6-8 year olds with avenues to explore physical and chemical properties of matter. Participants discover cool chemical reactions and funky forensic tools used in real crime labs.

  • Discovery Summer Camp

    Suitable to 9-12 year olds with avenues to explore physical and chemical properties of matter.

  • Kiddo Scientists

    During the Kiddo Inventors workshop the participants aged 6-8 explore various topics of science by kinesthetic learning. Unique take away home models help them apply their knowledge for day to day learning.

  • Amateur Scientists

    During the Amateur Inventors workshop the participants aged 9-12 years explore various topics of science by kinesthetic learning. Unique take away home models help them apply their day to day learning.

Great team with a simple and effective mode of teaching.
Mr. Sanjay Rao - Science Teacher, Bengaluru

Amateur Scientist Scholarship

Scholarship tests are held every year with unique programs like techno puzzles, futuristic robotics challenge, design questions, crossword championship, audio visual softwares, animation scripting, computer wizard, cyber quiz, building to launch rockets, etc.

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