How to increase footfalls inside a mall / restaurant?

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How to increase footfalls inside a mall/restaurant?

At ScienceUtsav, it’s our passion to have an innovative approach towards fullfiling the goals of our clients.

In this blog, we are going to share our experiences and ideas on how we help our clients increase footfalls inside a mall/restaurant based on our experience working with a few leading brands in India. We are sharing how we have helped them get more footfalls and engagements.

We are a brand activation agency and through our unique science based workshops and engagement activities, we help our clients get more footfalls and brand engagements. This helps them create brand visibility, capture data, brand recognition etc.

Who can do this?
We customise our engagement activities based on the demographics, brand and location. We have experience working with Real Estate companies, Various malls, TV channels, FMCG Brands etc.

Offer an experience

Have a positive and chearful team
There’s nothing better than an energetic, happy staff to engage an excited customer. People love to interact and engage with a positive and chearful personality.

Use a giveaway

Giveaways could be a free sample with discount code, some DIY science kit or a picture frame. We can work with the brand and have the bandwidth to create the giveaways.

Various case studies?

  1. Mall Engagement

With the growing number of National and International Brands in India, more and more Malls are coming up. One of the biggest challenges of these Malls is to attract more footfalls inside the malls. More the number of footfalls, better will be the overall sale and engagement inside the mall. These Malls have to constantly look for more and more ways of increasing the footfalls and we have the best solution for them.

Mall engagement is one of the newest requirement of we are having a lot of innovative engagement activities which can be done inside a mall, multiplex or a restaurant. These innovative mall engagement activities can help our clients promote their Brand, launch a new product or an offer or to simply increase their over all sales. Our target engagement age group is primarily between 2-30 years, but this also attracts the parents and senior citizens who are accompanying the small kids, resulting in generating footfalls of all the age groups inside the mall.

Mall managers, restaurant owners looking for innovative mall engagement activities for increasing footfalls, may contact us here:

2. How can a Real Estate Company increase footfalls and enquiries?

2. How can a new restaurant / hotel/ resort increase footfalls and bookings?

2. Blending offline with Online / TV /Radio


In short we are one of the have to change the way we look at our marketing events and corporate conferences.

Where Events were once a method of Con-tainment i.e. keeping a captive audience to yourself in an enclosed space, we have moved on from that way of thinking. Events are evidently becoming more useful as an explosive creative device.

Think of them as:-

a launch pad for generating more content for broadcasting into the ether,
a stage for crowd sourced ideas from outside the 4 walls of your business and the programmed thinking of your organization,
a 4D experience that extends beyond the conference or exhibition space.
I would really like to think there are way more examples of innovative event management styles, formats and conferencing ideas out there. I have more in my back pocket for future posts on various new styles so do stay tuned.

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