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Mumbai, the city is like a dream to many, with its long coastline and skyscrapers it is the most populated city in the country. The financial hub, it got its name from the goddess mumba devi of koli community. When we visualize the city, we imagine cramped local trains, streets hustling with people running around busy in their own thoughts and a serious lack of space. This is not all. Mumbai is full of vivaciousness, laughter, liveliness and cheerfulness. It has something for each and everyone, children and adults alike.

Children love to roam around, explore new things and learn new activities. Discovering is an integral part of a child’s brain and they thrive on the exposure that they get of various places. Mumbai has numerous places that give children opportunity to explore various aspects of life, be it related to nature or ancient history or science and technology or of spiritual importance. Following are some of the places in Mumbai that children would enjoy exploring:

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu sangrahalaya: It was formerly known as Prince of Wales Museum and is located near Gateway of India. The museum has collection of approximately 5000 artefacts related to various walks of life. One can see artefacts from Indus Valley civilization to sculptures from Gupta dynasty to various mughal, rajasthani paintings to various dioramas, and charts of Indian wildlife etc. To a child it is like a book of wonders. The more they see the more they learn.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu sangrahalaya
Sanjay Gandhi National Park: also known as Borivali National park encompasses 103.84 km2 area and is rich in its biodiversity. Here one can see various species of plants and trees, animals, insects, reptiles and birds. The krishnagiri upavan is accessible to public and it has a mini zoo where people can view animals. The lion and tiger safari educate people about the natural habitat of the animals. They organize nature trails and treks. The park also has a toy train that covers 2.5 km distance in 15 minutes around the upavan. Also, there’s a lake in which boating is allowed. There is also a Jain temple and Kanheri caves in the forest itself.
Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Sanjay Gandhi National Park1
Jijamata Udyaan: or Ranichi bagh or Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyaan is a zoo and garden located at Byculla. It is one of the oldest zoos in India and has many birds and animals there. One can see porcupines, hippopotamus, monkeys, deers, elephants etc here. The Humboldt penguins are the newest attraction there. There is a botanical garden as well and a separate children’s park inside the zoo. The Albert museum in the garden displays many local archaeological findings like the large stone elephant that is kept at the entrance which was found in 1864 at Gharapuri Island (known as Elephanta now).
Wonder’s park1
Taraporewala Fish Aquarium: is located on marine drive in Mumbai. It has numerous fresh water and sea water fishes. The aquarium has sea creatures like shark, octopus, sea turtles, sea horses, corals etc. In addition they have wide variety of exotic fishes like Arowana, Gruppen, cloudy damsel among others. The fishes are kept in large glass tanks that are lit with LEDs. At the entrance there is a 12 feet long 180 degree glass tunnel. There are special pools where children can touch the fishes too.
Nehru Science centre: it is situated in Worli and there is so much to see, understand and learn from here. Children can learn a lot about various scientific concepts. The centre has different section on various themes like aerospace, house of mirror, climate change etc. The equipments here are operational and instructions are clear and in simple language so that a child can understand the basic principle of an experiment. Children enjoy being part of experiments where they understand how magnets work, how electricity generates and how mirror illusion works? They learn science in a fun way.
Nehru Planetarium: also in Worli and just at 3 km distance from Nehru science centre. It is a centre for study on science and astronomy. It organizes competition like quizzes, elocution around the theme of science and astrophysics. During eclipses they make special arrangements so that common people can observe them. They organize daily shows in English, Hindi and Marathi to make children understand basics of astronomy. It is a fun and educative place for the inquisitive mind of children. The special planetarium sky shows are a treat to watch and it is an amazing and valuable learning experience.
Nehru Planetarium
Wonder’s park: located in Nerul, Navi Mumbai it is one of a kind park. In the midst of picturesque garden you can see miniature replicas of seven wonders of world like Taj Mahal, great wall of China etc. There is a toy train that gives you tour of the garden. It has various high tech rides too and some amazing slides for the children of all age groups. Big gardens, lots of greenery, place to run around, number of fountains and serenity is what makes it a go to place for kids.
Wonder’s park1
Wonder’s park2
Elephanta Caves: it is an UNESCO heritage site and situated approximately 10 kms east of Mumbai. It’s a group of caves dated back to 5th to 8th centuries. It is a good place to go to if you are interested in knowing about ancient culture and art. It was earlier known as Gharapuri but Portugese changed its name to Elephanta. There are five caves that have rock cut sculptures of lord shiva such as lord shiva and parvati resting at mount Kailas, or ravana trying to shake mount Kailas, and two smaller caves that represent Buddhist influences. A very peaceful place, it does share a lot of resemblance with Ajanta and Ellora caves.
Elephanta Caves
Essel world: and water kingdom is the largest amusement park stretched over 64 acres of land in Gorai, Mumbai. It is a theme park and offers number of rides appropriate for all age groups and an ice skating rink too where the temperature is maintained at 4 degrees constantly. It has a bowling alley, a dance floor and restaurant. Rides like RAINBOW will give an awesome view of the entire area; motion ride like THUNDER is awesome for people who like thrill.

Other than that there are number of parks, beaches the child would enjoy going and spending quality time with the family away from all the electronic and virtual reality. Everything that the children see and experience is stored in their memories and they are going to create their world around those happy memories. When they try out new things they are becoming independent and confident. Visiting places like museum, zoos, and science and technology centers broadens their horizon and instill confidence in them to try new things.

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