Rain Experiment!!!

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Here is a super simple science experiment that teaches children about clouds and rain. It’s great fun to do at home or in the classroom and this rain cloud science experiment only uses commonly found ingredients. This is a great and fun STEM activity that teaches kids about the rain and you can experience the awesomeness in a jar.

What you need

•1 x jar
•tap water
•shaving foam
•blue food colouring
•pipette or glass dropper (if your food colouring doesn’t have one)



•Fill your jar about three quarters full with water from the tap.

•Use the shaving foam to create a cloud on top of the water.

•Let the foam settle a bit.

•Now drop food colouring into the ‘cloud’.  As your cloud fills up, the food colouring will fall down into the water creating a rain-like effect.

How do clouds work?

Clouds are formed when water vapor rises into the air. When the vapour hits cold air, it turns back into droplets of water.  Those tiny drops of water floating in the air collect and “stick” together to form clouds. When clouds get so full of water that they can’t hold any more, the water falls back to the ground as rain.

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