Saving Your Kids From Pollution!!

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Tired of the daily heat and smog around? Ever so often we question ourselves as to how can we run away from this hazardous atmosphere.

And the answer to that is- You can’t!

It’s never easy to give up on the lavish lifestyle that we are so used to and go find a place that’s totally free from pollution also, it’s really tough to live in the urban polluted areas with your kid’s health hampered right at the primary growth age.

Ever so often we wish to run away from the hustle bustle of the metropolitan urban life and find a serene place that is pollution free. Living is times of such acute pollution has a serious impact of any child’s health during the primary growth age.

So what can be done to protect your kids from this severe pollution?

Here are few pointers that’d help you to avoid your kid from getting exposed to pollution.

  • Avoid travelling at peak hours/bad air times which means generally during late mornings and evenings. Prefer travelling early mornings or late nights when the air quality is preferably better.
  • Buy a high quality face mask for the chile to use while travelling to school, classes, etc. It would help in minimizing the intake of polluted air.
  • Make sure your child carries a napkin and a water bottle at all times. Consuming filtered water would keep him/her away from any water borne diseases and the napkin can be used to clean the seats of the bus or cab before sitting.
  • Install air filters in your car and your house. This would ensure a healthy air intake for the whole family.
  • Install a water purifier at your house or boil the water before consumption to avoid the threat of harmful bacteria.
  • Clean your window sills and ceiling fans regularly to avoid dust particles accumulating over the fan wings and other surfaces.
  • Avoid consumption of roadside, uncovered food as it carries the dust and harmful emissions of vehicles on it.

These are a few measures which are easy and efficient for you to ensure healthy growth of your kid

Author: Ketan Rane
Edited by: Anmol Sabharwal

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