Kids participate in an inquiry-based presentation filled with exciting experiments, scientific phenomenon and hands-on activities; all presented by our well trained science promoters! The goal is to provide exciting and engaging activities to children to make science fun for them.

    • Science Fun Club

      • Geeky Electronics
      • Robotics and Computer Programming
      • Kiddo Scientist (Sr Kg & Grade1)
      • Think like a Scientist Juniors (Grade2, Grade3 and Grade4)
      • Geeky Electronics: Age group: Grade5 to Grade8
      • Drone Workshops
    • Science Birthday Parties

      • Spells of Harry Potter
      • Chemical Mania
      • Frozen Theme
      • Be a Spy
      • Magic Potions
      • Amazing Science Show

Science Fun Club!

Science Fun Club is for learning science while having fun!!

Its a nice place for kids where they learn science with hands on experience.
Narendra Kumar Chilukuri - Parent, Bengaluru

Science Fun Club

ScienceUtsav offers separate Year Long Programs for different age groups. There are multiple modules and innovative programs to keep the kids excited to learn more.

Year Long program has been designed based on the past experience of successful years in conducting science summer camps, curriculum based programs at school, fun workshops and science clubs. The workshops have been designed in such a manner that there are adequate take-away working models and supporting experiments that students can make in their homes, all by themselves.

ScienceUtsav has been conducting science themed weekend programs at various schools and institutes across India for the past 5 years. We have spread the joy of science in 9 cities with more than 45 centres for you to access!

  • Geeky Electronics

    This is an introduction to basic electronics where participants build circuits in class by using basic components on a PCB. Participants are also introduced to the process of soldering and to circuit diagrams at a primary level.
    Courses are conducted from Level 1 to Level 3. This program develops interest in electronics and encourages participants to understand technological world with a different outlook.

  • Robotics and Computer Programming

    Integrating mechatronics with programing helps children develop logical and creative thinking and that is what exactly we try to help children develop in the class.

    We take only 4 students in one class. Each child is provided with individual working machine and robotic kit. The individual working experience gives the child enough space for creativity while his/her peers help in initiating an atmosphere of healthy competition.This also helps them incorporate social factors in their learning.

  • Kiddo Scientist (Sr Kg & Grade1)

Introduction to scientific way of learning!
-Missile Launcher – Kids will learn the concepts of push and pull and build a missile launcher which works on these principles.

-Light and Shadow – Children learn about the properties of light, the difference between sunlight and artificial light and much more!

-Science of Sound – Doctor Doctor !! Build your own stethoscope and understand the science around it.

-Amazing Astronomy – Children know about the various objects in the universe using engaging hands-on activities.

  • Think like a Scientist Juniors (Grade2, Grade3 and Grade4)

Introduction to scientific way of learning!
-Science is (not) Magic! – The students conduct experiments to understand how every phenomenon can be explained by science.
Take Home Project: Thuamatrope and persistence of vision experiments.
-Light and Shadow – Children learn about the properties of light, the difference between sunlight and artificial light and much more!

-Frame of Reference – A chance for kids to recognize the world through a frame of reference and find out why far away objects look smaller!
Take Home Project: Ghost Room.

-Sense Organs – Kids understand how our sense organs are related to each other and in fact, even deceive us while telling us about the world around!
Take Home Project: Slate for blind

  • Drone Workshops

    Workshop to familiarize students with drones, teach them basics and intricacies to build a quad rotor and experience the pleasure of flying self‐built drone.

    What will students learn from workshop?
    -Principles of operation of multirotors
    -Hands-on experience with building aerial vehicles
    -Flying self-built UAVs

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  • Geeky Electronics: Age group: Grade5 to Grade8

    Participants start from the basics of electricity and by the end of the workshop they understand the principles of electronics too. The participants learn soldering to make multiple projects using Simple electrical components like batteries, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, etc.

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Science and Math Practical Tuitions

Our offerings:

  • Curriculum Based Program (Schools and franchise): Academic support to children at schools which complements the existing teaching method and makes learning science more fun, interesting and interactive. Program has activities, experiments and projects based on the curriculum which goes hand in hand with the lesson plan in school.
  • Science project club (Yearlong program for franchise): This is a weekend fun program where participants are introduced to concepts of science using hands on activities and experiments. Participants build take home projects in every workshop.
  • Science short courses (Schools and franchise): Participants understand individual subjects like Astronomy, How things work, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc. during the short courses. Programs are designed on particular topics with relevant do it yourself (DIY) projects to take home for children.
  • Robotics and Kiddo Engineering:Recognizing the need for deeper level of Education by integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as a means to meaningfully engage and develop the next generation.
    Fun Science Shows (Birthday parties and family edutainment): Science shows are meant to edutain the participants. This is a fun way to enjoy a drama on science.
  • Science exhibitions and Interactive science booths (Corporate and School events): Innovative ideas like science challenge zone, science theatre, science quiz, puzzle arena, science games and workshops are apt for 6 to 60 year olds!

  • Curriculum Based Program: Science Practical Tuitions

    Students are inspired to explore lessons beyond the realms of books and classrooms by being exposed to an experiential, hands-on approach that fosters a lifelong love and knowledge towards learning. The tutors also engage the learners to interact with one another and compete along the lines of classroom teaching so that they know their standing against one another.

  • Mathematics Academic Support & Applied Mathematics

    We have curriculum based mathematics courses from lower to higher grade of CBSE & ICSE Board. In our unique fun filled way, we teach the kids and make them understand the application of the concept in day to day life.

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Curriculum Based Programs & Holiday Programs


Science Birthday Parties

A science themed birthday is a great party idea that is sure to entertain. Kids discover the fun side of science as they take part in spectacular take home experiments, amazing science demonstrations with some science activities and games. The trained science game host makes this a memorable birthday party for all.

We have a laboratory full of interactive demonstrations and activities for your child’s next birthday!

  • Spells of Harry Potter

    All the participants get a harry potter cloak to be worn during the party. With that a handmade wand* to make them all the students of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Story of this theme starts with a quest to find the Sorcerer s stone. Host asks riddles and puzzles which lead to new experiments which are intriguing and exciting!!

Spells of Harry Potter
Chemical Mania

  • Chemical Mania

    Participants play with wonderful and safe chemicals to make a slime ball that they can take home. Mixing acids and bases to see colour change is very exciting. Chemical mania makes this a special theme for most birthday parties.

  • Frozen Theme

    Freeze! The floor will become smoky and chill. Many Gigantic Balloons will be seen disappearing in one tiny bowl of liquid nitrogen and when one at a time they are removed and blown with air come back to their actual shape and size. Any Sweetened Juice turning into favorite ice cream will be worth the watch. Fresh Roses turning into Ash with the touch are the few astonishing things you will see. This theme will leave the audience from the age of 6 to 60 stunned and not moving from their place for about 90 min.

Frozen Theme
Be a Spy

  • Be a Spy

    Analyze a mock crime scene to check the clues; then play a treasure hunt to win a prize. Participants use a fingerprint kit to take their own fingerprint on a special tape. They learn the art of secret messaging and gain an understanding of decoding coded messages.

  • Magic of Potions

    Bubbly potions, synthesizing their own perfume, mysterious chemicals that change colour, etc. are some of the experiences for the participants. Simple experiments with materials available at home are the best part of this theme as the participants can reproduce some of the experiments at home too.

Magic Potions
Amazing Science Show

  • Amazing Science Show

    The science show is a fast paced array of experiments that the host exhibits. Kids are engaged for around 60-75 minutes with a lot of discussions and questions on the science tricks.

A enterprising group of people, who show dedication in bringing the beauty of science to kids.
Ram Palekar - Parent, Mumbai

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STEM Classes

  • Robotics

    Young minds are introduced to the exciting world of robotics using various levels of engagement. From simple assembly to complex programming to suit all ages. The participants build fully functional robots and understand how it works. This involves building, programming and simulating the robots.

  • Kiddo Engineering

    A unique and innovative workshop where participants work with tools to build a working model. In this exciting workshop kiddos work from the conceptualization phase to design phase to building and then to the final finishing phase. This is a combination of mechanics and electronics with multiple offerings for kids to tinker and recycle materials to invent gadgets to complete simple tasks. The projects are fun, educational, and the focus is on science and engineering practice.

  • Programming Lab

    Computer programming at programming lab teaches students to develop algorithms to solve problems, recognize simple and complex patterns and data analysis skills. These skills can be applied to any subject. Students who learn this way of thinking begin to see relationships between different subjects as well as in daily life.

  • Geeky Electronics

    Participants are encouraged to analyze, research and build their own circuit to make a take home model that can be applied to day to day life.

  • Cool CADD

    Hands-on computer aided design and drafting for participants to know the basics from a young age.