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STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and has been a part of our everyday lives in ways we may not even be aware of. However, STEM has been the most demanding and preferred form of learning in recent times now.

STEM learning is not very established in our country however it prevails in western countries and is at the heart of their educational system.

STEM has got a big pedagogical shift in how teaching is carried out in classrooms. Innovative teaching methods which help in understanding a concept from its basic design to its engineering and how the concept can be applied while studying Science is the new form of education in demand.

Recruiters are looking for STEM capable skills that involves problem-solving, the ability to come up with ideas as well as having an “engineering or maker’s mind-set”. And so are parents in the search of that right place to engage & introduce their kid to STEM educational techniques.

ScienceUtsav brings the STEM educational techniques in its workshops this summer to develop a creative & problem solving mind among its students.

But most of you still ask, 

What is STEM exactly? How does it work?

STEM is an interrelation of Science- Technology- Engineering- Maths concepts and its application as a unit together to explain an idea/concept.

Skills like collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving are part of STEM, which helps the students to be effective for their educational years.

How do we make the learning experience unique?

Our teachers at ScienceUtsav believe in education that will nourish the human thinking through interactive audio-visual methods. Considering the fact that students absorb the most of knowledge when they practically apply a concept while learning. We encourage hands-on, make & take experiments, role plays, etc in our workshops.

Why ScienceUtsav?

We at ScienceUtsav understand a student’s educational needs and understanding powers. And so we have developed our workshops in a way which involves the student’s practical participation. We introduce concepts which are from the school syllabus. However, every concept passes through the STEM process, i.e. the student understands the Science behind a concept followed by the Technology to be used and the Engineering applied for its working and in the end the Maths behind the concept (i.e. Time, Quantity, Measurements, etc).

STEM is not going anywhere and is definitely here to stay. In fact it is believed that STEM is only going to grow as a field of profession and it is in fact the future. So now is the time for your child to start learning about this fascinating field which is only going to enhance his/her future.

So what are you waiting for? Get your kids ready for an amazing STEM experience.

Author: Ketan Rane

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