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Edutainment Franchises are the Movers and Shakers of Tomorrow

Nowadays, STEM education is the new buzz words in the Indian education ecosystem, which deals with the focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Keeping in mind about the rapidly changing trends, Indian educators are heavily focusing on new education’s sub-segments, which are profitable in the future.

Need for an enhanced education system to support “Make in India” initiative 

At present, educational institutions, including schools, are being expected to promote organic ways to encourage learning and development that supports STEM. Nowadays, the schools are realizing the importance of STEM in education. Many schools started integrating the topics and concepts in their curriculum.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid huge emphasis on revamping the intelligent quotient of the youth is not a trivial issue. ‘Make in India’ initiative by Narendra Modi’s aims at this and will make India act as a ‘prominent global manufacturing hub.’

We don’t have to wonder as India’s academic institutions are geared up when it comes to enhancing the STEM fields. This will end up in developing tremendous franchise opportunities and a task force of highly skilled graduates.

Already entrepreneurs in the country are giving warning signs that a shortage of STEM skills in students will put back the business and industry development in the future. Outstripping a number of STEM graduates, there is a number of STEM jobs rapidly gaining pace within the Indian education industry. Statistics also reveal the same that STEM jobs are expected to grow by 17 percent from 2008 to 2018, while the non-STEM job is expected to grow at a rate of only 9 percent. Hence the franchise business in education is evolving like never before. 

Today educationists believe that youngsters will have the best jobs globally if they have the opportunity to have a career in STEM. And this is the reason why the Indian government has established a global program to empower STEM learning. 

Role of STEM educators

According to the National Science Foundation, it is precisely predicted that 80 percent of the jobs initiated in the next decade will need some form of math and science skills. Even though having the best brains in India, the exam-focused education model had limitations related to problem-solving, innovation, and creativity. With popping up of many STEM education companies in the country in the last decade or so, the Indian education system is on the right track of development.

Evolution of Edutainment Industry

Edutainment is one of the newly evolved education method added in the blocks, which is gaining more popularity among educators as well as children nowadays. Educators have found a way of collaborating the concepts of entertainment and education to provide children interactive learning experience because the technology has reached to kids for their education benefits. 

At present, the size of Edutainment market-based products in India has reached $6 billion. As several startups are coming up to cater to the rising demand in the sector in the recent years, the edutainment industry has been seeing a great revival. 

The critical reason for the high demand for STEM franchise opportunities in India, edutainment franchise is the growing popularity of ‘fun with learning’ as a concept. And therefore, edutainment, entertainment combined with education, has been growing as an integral part to augment the overall educational experience for children. Now we are in a technological digital era where a number of edutainment centers are having a peculiar way of learning in an entertaining style. 


Edutainment organization like ScienceUtsav promotes the idea of “learning by doing.” As the ScienceUtsav tagline represents “Practicality is Everything,” practical knowledge gives the students a hands-on experience which they require for real-world success. There is high demand for such activities through a franchise in education which are highly engaging and fun- based & role-playing, which breaks the traditional way of academic learning.

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