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Edutainment is the new entertainment?

Edutainment is the new entertainment?
Edutainment is a word derived from the combination of two words Education and Entertainment. This concept helps to teach education and enhance the social collaboration between students. This is very much useful for the Educators by integrating academics with modern entertainment devices and platforms such as Television, computer games, films, radio, PC, music. There are also many interactive learning sites for education such as Learning Management System (LMS) websites, mobile applications, virtual reality, multimedia, etc.

Importance of Edutainment

Most of the survey have a proven records that positive and appealing impact in drawing-in the interest of students towards education are been created through video, audio and physical playful learning games. You can make the learning more interesting and fun when you implement edutainment in educational institutions. It’s a big challenge for the educators and teachers to create activities ideas and management strategies that makes the children to improve their mental and physical development.

A conventional classrooms can be transformed into a smart classroom by incorporating Edutainment education along with Student Information Management Software (SIS) upgrades in the classrooms. This will help the students to get a better management, teaching and learning methods both at home and at school. By bringing LMS and E-learning for the students with computers games, visual videos, pictures, and audio recordings acn help them to improve their creativity skills. Edutainment is one of the best way to encourage, utilizes and rely on educational technology.

1.Engages Kids While Learning

In this generation, most of the children faces a common challenge of lack of concentration. Even parents and teachers complaints the same, it’s very hard to keep the kids attentive for a long time. During learning hours, it’s a great challenge for the guardians to keep kids attentive. Finally, a best solution for this issue is make students to assimilate loads of information along with keeping them attentive in class through Edutainment. When you are handling kids who are more restless, then make them to involve learning in a fun way through images which will catch make this concentrated.

2. Intellectual Stimulation – An “Out of the Box” Pattern of Learning
Students gain more knowledge on the studies through mind-stimulating activities when a student is begin to learn from the edutainment. The videos that are been played makes you to experience and come up with lot of imaginative ideas. This happens when you concentrate on the informative videos and these videos make you think “out of the box”. Hence, Edutainment add fuel to your curiosity and makes you to think for multiple solution for a problem. 

3. Promotes Innovative Problem-Solving Abilities
Kids are encouraged to use their creativity to be applied to any problem when they are into the concept of edutainment content. Suppose, as a student if you are asked to learn with educative e-books or videos then automatically you will start to implement a strong inkling towards learning, when images makes you to think at situations from different angles. If you face a problem, you will think for a solution in an innovative way using your imaginative skills to such an extent. In this way, you can improve your creative problem-solving abilities to a great extent.

4. On-the-Go Learning
Students who are educated through Edutainment way they get to learn most of the things. For this, we thank to all online videos. These videos can be viewed from anywhere and at anytime convenient to you.

The benefits of edutainment are:
Personalized Learning are enhanced through Edutainment.
Theoretical subjects are understood in a better way.
Creativity & Visualization are improved.
Through Edutainment, Real-time learning with virtual reality have greatly been used in imparting education.
Good transformation from conventional classrooms to smart classrooms
Paperless advantages
Encourages Hand-on and experimental learning
Enhance interactive and collaborative teaching methods.

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