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Parents and educators require a better option for children’s educational enrichment. Children in your region deserve early hands-on exploration of real-life skills in an engaging way.

Do you have the energy and the passion for educating our future generation? 

Do you wish to take necessary action on investing in the future while making the parents, teachers, school, and communities to empower for a better future for their children? 

Don’t wait anymore! 

Join hand with ScienceUtsav and make a difference

ScienceUtsav has franchise business opportunities in locations more than 22 cities and 70 Science centers all over the country and the reach to expand every day keep on continuing. Each franchise in India plays a unique role in their area, but their main focus is to promote children’s life by making science more fun. This also provides vast business opportunities in India. 

Do you want to know how ScienceUtsav is assisting interested people in making an impact by utilizing every industry-leading Franchise system and curriculum?  Step forward to join ScienceUtsav and initiate by making a difference!

ScienceUtsav provides a wide range of STEM empowered programs which includes after school programs, evening classes, camps, in-school field trips, workshops, and even birthday parties – carving a unique top niche in the educational field. It not only provides the importance of learning engineering concepts at a young age but also it helps to know the potential success of children who can have a career as engineering in the future

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Benefits in franchising with ScienceUtsav

Franchise in India with low investment:

As there is no need to do research on the business or in the marketing and advertisements, you can save a lot of money. This low investment franchise business is more profitable when you compare these expenses with the amount of purchasing a franchise. You will realize it later as it is a profitable venture. 

Trusted Brand for franchise business in India:

One of the significant benefits of owning a franchise business in India is that it involves recognition with a trusted & reputed brand. Apart from this, the associates get worldwide acknowledgment.

Increasing opportunities with schools:

We know that the schools are now realizing the role of the STEM in education. Many are now integrating the topics and concepts in their curriculum. This is the best franchise business opportunity in India, where we can approach the schools with a STEM training program and workshops. 

Vast Domain:

The domain of STEM is exceptionally broad. It enables to design many modules and workshops to match the age group and according to the interest of each student.

Tinkering Lab and MakerSpace - Significant elements of ScienceUtsav

MakerSpaces was launched based on the constructivist philosophy of student-centered, discovery-learning, and it also supports stronger STEM and critical thinking outcomes. It is cross-curricular, interdisciplinary, project-based nature which offers opportunities for students to collaborate, identify problems, and communicate ideas to design and create solutions through trial and error method. 

Students can move beyond consumption to creation with this Makerspace. There is strong support for this kind of teaching and learning. Turning knowledge into action is all about Makerspace. It gives the right opportunity for a customized learning

Additionally, it implants fun in making and learning, which increase the involvement, innovation, joy, entrepreneurial focus, creativity, and enterprise skills to encourage ownership of learning. It stimulates the environment for in-depth knowledge of digital technologies, the arts, mathematics, coding, computational thinking, humanities, prototyping, and engineering which prepares the students for an unimaginable future. 

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