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India is the next hub for hands-on Education


The Indian education system is one of the most extensive education systems in the world, with more than 1.5 million schools, 250 million students, and 8.5 million teachers from various socio-economic backgrounds. India has the most significant number of students in the world according to Census 2011 of about  315 million. There is a tremendous gap between the student’s skills offered and industrial demand. The reasons for this huge gap can be in various forms i.e., Due to lack of academic infrastructure, or innovative and interactive course methodology, or lack of qualified teachers, etc. This gaps can be filled by STEM educators like ScienceUtsav – one of the renowned franchise in education. The organization also offers excellent franchise business in India.

Need for creative minds for a better India

Officially, data shows that less than one percent of the students who are pursuing higher studies are choosing research-oriented courses. To provide a promising solution to this grim scenario, STEM education has been launched as the new face of futuristic education. Since from 2012, with the establishment of STEM education in India, Technology and science have got a remarkable facelift.

With the establishment of numerous education companies in India, it is producing the most significant number of scientists and engineers. Many years, the development of STEM has significantly grown in India. It has touched up a stage, where the number of STEM jobs is outpacing the number of STEM graduates.  STEM Education is acting as “an important catalyst and has accelerated the development of students’ understanding and skills. Here comes the role of STEM franchise opportunities in India. 

New Initiative in the education system

Our Union Human Resource Development Minister – Mr. Prakash Javadekar, has mentioned that  NCERT syllabus is reduced in the coming 2-3 years. He has also said that ‘this is an idea to decrease the burden and to enable the students to learn the basic principles of various subjects, and to teach them all how to interpret and analyze for overall personality development.’ He added that ‘plenty of information is not education and students are not just a data bank.’

‘Make in India’ the ambitious program focuses more on how to make India a prominent global manufacturing hub. But one of the typical problems that exist in the higher education system is it hasn’t kept up with the industry’s demands. Today India needs education systems, which helps to develop the next generation of talent in India.

Making students memorize their textbooks could never be beneficial for students living or for the nation. Apart from this, we should entirely focus on building students learn the fundamental concepts of all the topics so that students can discover all the aspects and can be able to choose their interests accordingly.  Several STEM educators that offer franchise opportunities follow the practical approach. In STEM Learning, similarly, an initiative has been taken to enlighten underprivileged students with the basic concept of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). This approach is one of the methods to help students by making them learn quickly and with more interest, as students can’t be forced to learn about something if they are not interested genuinely.

Many schools and teachers are opting various unique and best practices with increased usage of technology as one of them, to modernize the knowledge delivery ways. Hence more opportunities for franchising increases, and more individuals are joining hands with low budget franchise company like scienceutsav to transform our education system.

Child Centric Education

To make the optimal development of a child’s competencies and personality in line with his/her individual needs and requirements is the basic principle of child-centered education. Based on the interests of the child, his/her learning should help the self-educational process of the child, specifically by supporting his/her senses of responsibility and self-organization. 

To reach this goal, educational methods are shaped mutually by the adult and the child and adapted according to the child’s individual learning needs. With increasing progress of the modern education system in India, the best schools in Noida mainly focus on the child’s overall development and mental health. 

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