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Project-Based Learning Helps Children think independently

Project-based learning is one of the best learning techniques which help the students to meet the challenges to solve the real-world problems rather than exam-based traditional classroom learning. This kind of education starts from presenting a problem, and the students have to get the complete information required to understand and then solve the problem. In PBL, the role of a teacher has been changed to help students to understand the problem rather than just transmitting the information. 

The franchise in education opportunities offers both fundamental skills such as reading, writing, and math and also 21st century skills like teamwork, problem-solving, research gathering, information synthesizing, time management, utilizing high tech tools. With this set of skills, students can become directors and managers of their learning process and mentored by a skilled teacher.

Read on to know more about project-based learning and how it can enhance independent thinking skills in students. 

Essential Part of Independent Thinking Skills

Independent thinking skills are at the priority of learning how to become not only a great thinker but also to become a great leader. Such skills help our students to teach our learners how to make sense of the world based on observation and personal experience and to come up with the most critical well-informed decisions in the same way.

In the process of creating the next generation students for the future, education becomes the primary concern. There are increased complexity in each life and societies with these traditional learning in classroom-based training. The most quickly developing method is getting the attention of the policymakers and educationists to initiate this in their education systems – “STEM education”. That’s where the role of education franchise opportunities in India plays a vital role. 

Project-based learning mainly targets on increasing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills among the students. Several STEM educators like ScienceUtsav adopt the inquiry-based method of learning that helps to solve the problems given in the form of projects to the students is a style of active learning. These organizations also offer several franchise opportunities for passionate individuals. 

Elements of PBL:

The PBL model has these five primary characteristics:

  •   Understanding: Brings what students should academically understand, and be able to do into the equation.
  •   Open-ended challenge: Focuses the Student on a big open-ended challenge, question, or problem to research and respond to and solve. 
  •   Skills: It uses updated skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity, among others.
  •   Discussion: It provides opportunities to provide feedback and revision of the plan and the project.
  •   Problem-Solving: It requires students to present their problems, methods, research process, and results.

How can it enhance thinking abilities? 

These project-based learning can have a more significant impact on the development of interpersonal skills of the students. Each Student requires to schedule their efforts in organizing their survey needed for the projects, have to analyze the survey results, and finally prepare reports to reach the markets and collaborates with sponsors of the projects. The entire approach stage of the project would improve their skills to communicate with various stakeholders.

It also improves the level of Student’s creativity. Each project is a real-world scenario which is more capable of drawing Student’s attention and knowing their interest to enhance the needed level of thinking to use new knowledge in a problem-solving context.

A project has a scope of the resource, work, and planning activity to execute and manage resource to receive the relevant results. In the present era, the world is full of ever-increasing complexity, and project-based learning is creating students to solve real-world problems. 


PBL method focuses more on empowering students to face real-world situations which are designed in the forms of the projects. The idea here is students learn by themselves while doing what they know and can develop new learning around passions, hobbies, and careers. These learning methods also improve the franchise business opportunities and provide excellent scope in future. If you are willing to bring in some transformation in education, join hands with low investment franchise like ScienceUtsav. 

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