STEM camps explore regular curriculum in various ways, they are structured carefully and are better than what children learn in a school environment. By motivating the children’s interest in the STEM areas, you are preparing them in a better way for higher learning and future career opportunities.

Establish network

Summer Camps enable kids to communicate with a new peer group and set up their network.

Learn new things

In a STEM camp, children meet others in their camp with similar interests in the pursuits of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Hence, they get more chance to learn new things.

Stimulating minds

Children with practical learning find this camp more stimulating, as the activities are more thought-provoking and intellectually challenging.

Extended comfort zone

Children will establish their new comfort zone, and fall in love with subjects of their interests.

Categories of Summer Camp

Kiddo STEM Champs

Science Thinker workshop for participants aged 5-7 to explore various topics of science. The focus is on teaching participants to apply their day to day learning.

Junior STEM Champs

Science Researcher workshop for participants aged 8-10 to research on various ideas exposing them towards scientific thinking process and research methodology.

Senior STEM Champs

A unique mix of Robotics, Electronics and Arduino in an empowering setting for participants of age 11-14.

Why Attend Our STEM Summer Camp?

STEM offers more work prospects for students, a better quality of education, and a capable and competent skilled workforce for the future. As our world becomes more focused on Science and Technology, it is essential to be prepared to keep up with the demands.
STEM education has the power to impact all of us, whether you’re raising a future Einstein or a more creative-based right-brain child.

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