Science Themed Birthday Party

Kids Birthday parties have never been better. Science Birthday parties are a wonderful way to get children excited about learning.  Every birthday party includes various hands-on science activities for every child to do.

If you are looking for…

  • Some unique and entertaining birthday party
  • Unforgettable party with fun activities
  • Activities where all kids love and enjoy

ScienceUtsav is here to help you!

The trained science game host makes this a memorable birthday party for all.
We have a laboratory full of interactive demonstrations and activities for your child’s next birthday!
Our science activities range from spells of Harry Potter to the magic of potions and exciting events with chemicals, and children will get a chance to learn with the experiments while they enjoy and have fun.Fun experiments and activities will bring out everyone’s inner mad scientist!

Do you wonder why you need to host a science party?

A science-themed birthday is a wonderful party idea that will surely entertain your guests! ScienceUtsav birthday parties give children an opportunity to take part in a cool science experiment.
Children discover the fun and exciting side of the science as they participate in spectacular science activities including Chemical mania, Frozen theme, Be a spy, and science shows.

Our birthday parties are approximately 90 minutes long. Suitable for any age group people and group size. held at the location of your choice. tons of fun!


Magic of Wizards

All the participants get a harry potter cloak to be worn during the party. With that, a handmade wand to make them all the students of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! The story of this theme starts with a quest to find the Sorcerer’s stone. The host asks riddles and puzzles which lead to new experiments which are intriguing and exciting!!

Chemical Mania

Participants play with wonderful and safe chemicals to make a slimeball that they can take home. Mixing acids and bases to see colour change is very exciting. Chemical mania makes this a special theme for most birthday parties.

Frozen Theme

Freeze! The floor will become smoky and chill. Many Gigantic Balloons will be seen disappearing in one tiny bowl of liquid nitrogen. When they are removed one at a time and blown with air they will come back to their actual shape and size. Sweetened Juice turning into favourite ice cream will be worth the watch. You will see few astonishing things like fresh Roses turning into Ash with a touch. This theme will leave the audience of all ages stunned and not moving from their place for about 90 min.

Be a Spy

Analyse a mock crime scene to check the clues; then play a treasure hunt to win a prize. Participants use a fingerprint kit to take their fingerprint on a special tape. They learn the art of secret messaging and gain an understanding of decoding coded messages.

Magic of Potions

Bubbly potions, synthesising their perfume, mysterious chemicals that change colour, etc. are some of the experiences for the participants. Simple experiments with materials available at home are the best part of this theme as the participants can reproduce some of the experiments at home too.

Amazing Science Show

The science show is a fast-paced array of experiments that the host exhibits. Kids are engaged for around 60-75 minutes with a lot of discussions and questions on the science tricks.

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