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How can your child become a problem solver

Each kid should be allowed to grow independently. When parents start to help them during their problems, the kids will not have the confidence to do things individually. They will always be dependent and will be afraid of facing issues. 

The basic foundation for kids learning capacity is a problem-solving skill. This skill will also develop leadership qualities in them. Excellent educators like ScienceUtsav will not provide the exact answer but will teach different ways to reach the correct solution. At ScienceUtsav we don’t only motivate kids to learn STEM but also encourage kids to be a problem solver where they can think creatively and come up with perfect solution.

Here are some excellent tips for your child to become a problem solver

Encourage creative play

Try to encourage kids by providing innovative games. One of which is playing wooden blocks. Do you remember it? You can create a fort from those available materials. You should be sure that the game they play should be filled with challenges and imagination. From this, they will come to know what is problem-solving is. 

In general, each kid should be left free to learn from their experiences. They should learn from their mistakes. Leaving them, freehanded will develop excellent problem-solving skills when they start to try different ways to solve their issues.

 The Methodical Approach to Problem Solving

 There are some fundamental problem-solving steps in an orderly manner by which you can teach your kids. Here is it:

  • First step to make your kid a great problem solver is to figure out their problem and understand it. 
  • Break down the problem into a smaller one and which are manageable one also to be completed. 
  • Solve each part independently, one by one and complete all of the issues. 

 This approach helps kids to solve the problems independently, and they can apply the same technique when they face the problem in real life. 

Indulge in innovative games

 The best time for the kids to explore many new things is at their Playtime. This is the time where they think and examine with different ideas. So, it is parent’s responsibility to provide them with a creative game plan so that they will be encouraged to do something new out of it. Provide them with a set of building blocks and allow them to imagine new ideas from those materials.

 Kids are always excited to play, and if you provide them with exciting games, they will involve themselves and will create new things from that. This approach does not only makes them excited but also enhance their abilities to create magic through imagination. This helps them to take on life’s challenges and move forward independently. This will also make them realise that problem-solving is within them.

 Ask right questions to prompt problem-solving

One of the best approaches to develop problem-solving skill in kids is by asking the right questions. It might be challenging for both you and your kids. You can begin your first question with ”Will be able to handle this situation on your own?” your next question can be ”what kind of help do you need from me to solve the problem?”. These types of questions will encourage them to think on solving the problems on their own, without expecting help from others.


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