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It is now time to enhance our education system with more technical elements now. That’s the reason why education franchise opportunities in India are booming like never before. The best STEM training organization can offer excellent Makerspace with required materials which can be acted as a provocation for inquiry. Makerspace in ScienceUtsav is a place where students gather to put all their ideas into action who have an interest in science, engineering, technology, robotics, mechanics, innovation, invention, and creativity. For this reason franchise business in education field is considered to be the trending one. Hence, if you are looking to get in to a Low investment franchise then the ideal choice is to have association with reputed organization with innovative tinkering lab.

Read on to know more about Makerspace and STEM education programs 

Makerspace – a place for prototyping and creating

Makerspace is an integrated workspace for learning, creating, exploring, and sharing that make use of different tools in a collective work area. To the extent, they are the places for collaborating, making, learning, and sharing. To elaborate more, it is the place where students who are interested in innovation and invention can come together as a team and can design, create, build, and engineer.  However, In India Maker space culture is still a new concept comparatively. Across the country, it has opened up in few cities with just below 20 Makerspace. 

STEM/STEAM activities usually begin with design thinking, which assists in identifying a problem, then works on to find a solution. Prototyping is one of the critical steps in integrating those ideas into our lives and can usually include the use of a 3D Printer for creation.

Why is the exposure of Maskerspace significant for a student? 

Students can move beyond consumption to creation with this Makerspace. There is strong support for this kind of teaching and learning. It is very critical for policymakers to understand as we design frameworks that move away from consumption, around creation in our educational settings. Turning knowledge into action is all about Makerspace. It gives the right opportunity for a customized learning. 

Franchise in education has many potential elements of educating young people to make them innovators.

  •   The value of hands-on projects where students solve real-world problem and demonstrate mastery 
  •   The significance of learning to draw on academic content from multiple disciplines to solve a problem 
  •   Training to work in teams

Maker space in ScienceUtsav

MakerSpaces was launched based on the Constructivist philosophy of student-centered, discovery-learning, and it also supports stronger STEM and critical thinking outcomes. It is cross-curricular, interdisciplinary, project-based nature which offers opportunities for students to collaborate, identify problems, and communicate ideas to design and create solutions through trial and error method. 

Additionally, it implants fun in making and learning, which increase the involvement, innovation, joy, entrepreneurial focus, creativity, and enterprise skills to encourage ownership of learning. It stimulates the environment for in-depth learning of digital technologies, the arts, mathematics, coding, computational thinking, humanities, prototyping, and engineering which prepares the students for an unimaginable future. For this reason, franchise opportunities with ScienceUtsav are preferred by several people. 

What type of impact can it create?

Impact of Makerspace is high, especially on students. Even though it is not a new concept, Makerspaces have become one of the hot topics in the education field. Makerspaces are gaining potential attraction because of the benefits they provide to students. These spaces are usually integrated into classrooms and schools.

Designed to challenge students, Makerspace makes the students create and learn through hands-on, it also gives a customized experience throughout elementary, middle, and high school. 

Some of the significant Makerspace advantages are:

  1.   Creating real-world applications for classroom concepts
  2.   Providing the opportunity to innovate
  3.   Learning to take failure in stride
  4.   Building critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  5.   Exposing students to new opportunities

Facts to know:

Popular Maker space in India 

Fab Lab is collaboration between the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) and MIT, with its two branches in Kochi and Trivandrum. In Trivandrum, it has been established within the campus of IITM-K. People with minimal training or engineering experience can make use of the facilities available here. 

Another branch of FabLab from MIT is running in collaboration with Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation and CEPT University. Exciting workshops, Innovative projects, and ideas on the sustainable living area provided here.  

Maker’s Asylum is one of the most famous maker spaces in India, which was born in a garage in Bandra, the founders of MA, Vaibhav, and Anool who would be working on things breaking and making. At present, MA has two maker spaces in Mumbai and Delhi.

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