Activities with STEM curriculum make learning enjoyable for kids. STEM is relevant in the curriculum as schools prepare their students for a drastically changing workforce. Give your student  an extra pat by extending STEM learning and activities into the after-school events.
The more you talk about the science concepts, the more comfortable and natural they become to your little learners. Here at ScienceUtsav, we initiate the conversations in a great way to help children realize how important STEM is to our life. Gradually, we also make them fall in love with science and mathematics.  We engagingly demonstrate the experiments and activities and make them understand the concept.

How we bring change in children?

If participants have a negative attitude toward school curriculum education, we help build healthier attitudes toward science and maths. When the subject concepts are explained engagingly, and show them fun activities to learn those concepts, they realize it’s not necessarily the curriculum matter that they hate.

We also help by not forcing children into STEM learning. Instead, demonstrate the concepts with hands-on activities that they understand and enjoy. Interestingly, they may not even realize they’re engaging in an activity or a science experiment.

How we differ?

Interesting science learning happens in the outdoors as well. In addition to concepts and activities included in STEM education, learning opportunities for children can be found at science show, workshops, festivals and camps after school hours, weekends and summer breaks. These science programs often offer children with introductions to mentors, who can help them develop their interest in STEM education.

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