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STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) activities are all the trending terms in education. Children love exploring how things work through hands-on projects. The essential point to remember about STEM education for early learners is that kids are perfectly tailored to learn STEM concepts. Hence, it is not difficult to learn STEM  at a young age. The secret is to tap into their innate and natural curiosity about the technological world.  We are committed to inculcate STEM Lab in children’s life.

How Tinkering Lab Helps Students?

When students get their hands on experiments and exciting projects, it can encourage them to learn things quickly.  The learning pyramid demonstrates that children learn about 5% of the concept through hearing, 10% through reading the theories, 30% by seeing activity, but the students grasp around 75% of the concept by trying it for themselves. So we have framed every activity in tinkering lab to give students an opportunity to experiment science and advanced technology in a way that helps them learn the skills and technology they need in the 21st century.

Let Students Explore The World Of Technology

Kids keep exploring using their knowledge and ask questions about things around them. By letting them explore the things, we can enhance the observing skill and questioning skill of children.  Eventually, they will figure out the ways to learn why and how things work around them. So whenever children come up with questions about advanced technology and project building, we help them get the right answer. By simply letting them examine and encouraging them to come up with questions about the world of science, you are slowly engaging children in STEM education.

STEM Tinkering Modules in ScienceUtsav

Project Building Skills

Research and Tinkering




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Internet of Things

Drone Flying

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