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STEM is important because it permeates every part of our lives. Educating students in STEM subjects prepare them for life, irrespective of the career they choose to follow. Those concepts teach students how to solve problems through problem-solving skills. These skills can be used to help them get through tough times and take advantage of opportunities whenever they appear.

National STEM Campaign is our main theme of the year 2019. Our STEM summer camp provide participants with opportunities to see how concepts relate to life to spark a passion for a future career in a STEM field. As the demand for talented coders, game developers, robotic engineers, and designers continue to increase, we at ScienceUtsav try to integrate world-class STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education via our summer programs.



STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The basic STEM concepts are usually included in the primary curriculum, although Engineering and Technology are often lacking in most of the regular school days.

How is STEM applied in our day to day life?

STEM can be taught to children as separate coursework, and the concepts are usually from our surroundings in everyday life.

We use Math at the supermarket and apply engineering concepts to fix up an issue with a shelf or the house exterior. The role of Science comes in regular day to day activities like cooking, evaluating the weather condition or finding ways to remove ice from the front steps. People cannot pass through even a single day without encountering science in one form or another.

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